Nurse Practitioners and the Affordable Care Act

The debate over the affordable care act continues and a primary concern is the shortage of doctors.  Who will fill the void, who will provide the care to the patients in need?  The projected shortfall is large, and would have a significant impact on our nations ability to to now provide free healthcare.  Due to the bill, and the shortfall there has been an increased amount of attention and focus on the healthcare workforce.  One of the issues is restrictive state practices and if they are holding nurse practitioners back from being a potential solution to filling that huge void.

As of late there has been a large volume of articles published and circulated in the health policy circles, education (nurse practitioner programs), and challenges that exist in existing nurse practitioner practices.  Based on this lets examine the career of a nurse practitioner.  A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse who is also a registerd nurse.  They hold a masters degree which in many states enables them to diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical issues.  If the nurse practitioner chooses to specialize they have the opportunity to treat and diagnose many specialized areas such as critical care, cardiac, family, gerontology, and oncology.

There are many areas in which a nurse practitoner can work such as health departments, hospitals, private practices, campus clinics, doctors offices, and more.

A career as a np has a great outlook, excellent stability, and enormous pay potential.


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